Be content with what you have

Premise: Being guided by the appearance can be misleading. Often the glittering appearance hides the foulness or wickedness which distorts the things in their way and makes the judgment of reality very difficult. So the only way to save ourselves from such malicious effects is to be very careful and be happy with what we have.

Beyond attraction: God is the great paymaster and we are his workmanship. We    are the clay and He is the potter. So what we need is given by Him already but still we want more; more riches, more fame, more beauty………; and for this reason we indulge ourselves into an infinite vicious circle of demand and dissatisfaction. The outer world makes us to become the prey. Looks can be deceptive and one should always ask oneself what is the real purpose of one’s deeds, needs, attitude and tendency towards showing off to others.

Control the self desire: Contentment is like water; water takes the shape of the container where it is kept – if we put water into a cup, it shapes like the cup, if we put water into a bottle, it shapes like the bottle, if we put it in a tea pot, it shapes like the teapot….. Just like that, our content also takes the shape of our mind setup regarding desire and satysfaction. Thus we should control our desire to get contented with what God has already gifted to us, because actions do return to us; it may not be in this lifetime but it certainly will return in some way as ‘karma’ is inescapable.

Conclusion:  To have the human life is a gift from God. We could either spend that gifted life unsatisfied, feeling sorry with what we don’t have or accept it happily and be contented with what belongs to us. Desire and discontentment hinder the ultimate liberation. The GOAL is to pay off all our karmic debt so that we need not return to this physical world once again and can be reunited forever with the DIVINE or ALMIGHTY.

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