Forecast for December 2017 (as per traditional Vedic Astrology)

Forecast for December 2017

Aries (মেষ) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Venus’.

You will come into close contact with the official boss. You will develop philanthropic trend towards others. You might get some recognition of your inventive work. On the whole your reputation and respect will definitely increase. You will be highly esteemed. Travel will be of great significance. Your religious inclination will be increased. Family life shall be full of pleasure. Some auspicious ceremony may be celebrated in your family. Try to make the best use of this phase.

Taurus (বৃষ): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mars’ .

Success in all endeavors is assumed in this period. Your friends and associates will extend their full hearted support towards you. Long cherished hopes and desires will also materialize. Your siblings will do extremely well in their prospective fields. Travels are likely to bring good luck to you. Family happiness of high order is there for you. An increase of family member is also possible. In general, you will get on very well with friends and people from different fields of life. Your expenses will on increase but it won’t exceed your income.

Gemini (মিথুন) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Jupiter’.

During this period you will have a positive attitude towards life and will be over confident. You will continue to wield power and authority either in Government or in public life. Short distance journeys are indicated which will bear fruits due to your hard work. You will spend freely on social and charitable institutions. You may suffer from ill health and there may be sickness in the family.

Cancer (কর্কট:) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Saturn’. .

You will be able to connect your ideas and plans into constructive form. Some solid results regarding your investment shall be there. Your success in all ventures is almost definitely assured. You will enjoy very good relations with officials. Make the best use of this time.

Leo (সিংহ) :Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Saturn’.

During this period you will have mixed results. Try to curb the tendency of being over enthusiastic about the results because things may not turn out according to your wishes. Minor health ailment or minor accident is indicated. This is not a favourable time for speculation or taking risks. Family dispute may disturb your peace of mind.

Virgo (কন্যা) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Jupiter’.

You will have tremendous power and energy to carry out what you want in a beautiful manner. Your fixity of purpose will be appreciated. You will also have strong will power to act positively even in adverse conditions. Your social circle will widen in this period. There will be enhancement of your reputation. Frequent travel could be quite in evidence. Your relationships with your brothers and sisters will be fine. You might get encouraging news through communications. Trade prospects will be very good, a promotion should be anticipated if employed somewhere.

Libra (তুলা) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mars’.

You will quite comfortable in this period. Family happiness will be there. Expenses will be incurred on property. You will have to spend on household articles, movable or unmovable property. An expansion of business is likely to take place. Sudden unexpected gains are also possible. You will come into the contact of powerful politician. Your fame and reputation will be on an increase. A change in business or promotion is likely to take place. You will be inclined towards religion and might visit sacred places. A balance state of mind is indicated, and overall happiness will be there.

Scorpio (বৃশ্চিক) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Venus’.

This is the time when your plan will materialize. You will be successful due to your creative intelligence. This is a favourable time for love and romance. Your friends will offer whatever assistance you need. If you and your girlfriend agree then romance is also indicated. Your written work will be appreciated by respectable authorities. Long distance journeys are also indicated.

Sagittarius (ধনু) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mercury’.

This is not a good period at all. Take care. Monetary loss is also possible. Don’t take risks and speculations should be avoided. Your health will start bothering you. You may not be able to maintain harmonious relations with your family members. You might hear bad news regarding the death of someone you know.

Capricorn (মকর) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Moon’.

During this period your confidence will be par excellence. You will be fearless of struggle and strife. By dint of labor and hard work, business prospects will be on positive side. Your relationship with official boss will be very cordial and at the same time your business circle will increase. An expected journey shall bring infinite result. Family life will be happy. Rise in income is assured. A sound state of body and mind is also indicated.

Aquarius (কুম্ভ) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘ Sun’.

The position of Saturn in Sagittarius will make this period lively. Subsequently this period will be highly rewarding. You will develop harmonious relationship with persons of far off places or foreigners. There will be chances of entering new ventures. Your paternal relatives will be prosperous in this period. If you are appearing for a competitive examination, then your success is assured. This period will cause you to meditate and inquire about the truth, the reality of human existence. Philosophical trend will be quite evident.

Pisces (মীন): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mercury’.

During this period you may face some financial problems. The inflow of money will not be normal. Family members’ expectations shall remain unfulfilled. You may not be able to keep a perfect tuning with your own people. You will be disturbed in your day to day pursuits. This is not a good period to enter into new enterprises. Please don’t sign any important document without going through it. Risk taking tendencies should be curbed. The health of your parents is likely to suffer.

NOTE: This is the general overview, forecast being based on the study of the movement of planets throughout the month. The implications are different in each individual in accordance with the position of different planets emanating varied energy as per an individualhoroscope.

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