Forecast for February 2018

When Jupiter is retrograde, generally expansion or growth in your life stops abruptly. All sorts of external energies are sapped away from you that you need to look into your internal self for survival. You need to put in much energy and commitment than normally warranted for your projects. When Jupiter is retrograde certain things that have been clinging on to you would be removed and you need to continue your journey without that, but ultimately it would be for your general well-being only.

Jupiter retrogrades on 8th March, 2018.

Effects of retrograde Jupiter on various signs and forecast for March2018 are as follows:

Aries (মেষ) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Jupiter’.

During this period, you will be suffering due to mental stress and strain. You will be depriving from friends, happiness from women, landed property and conveyances. Financially the period is not good. The expenditure is however on increase. Some expenditure on secret activities is also possible. Sudden loss could also take place. Minor health problems could also be possible.

Taurus (বৃষ): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mars’ .

During this period you would be of an amiable disposition and will avoid frictions. A pleasant journey is quite possible. You will also have the company of opposite sex. You may be inclined towards fine arts, music, perfumes and beautiful things. You are likely to do extremely well in your profession/job etc. there will be an increase in your income due to your own efforts. Family life shall be quite happy. Minor health ailments could be there. You will be social and will come in contact with many persons.

Gemini (মিথুন) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Venus’.

You will make remarkable success in your field of activity. There will be considerable enhancement of your respect and honour. This period should make you capable of handling any kind of adverse situations due to your job, trade etc. your relation with your clients, associates and other concerned persons will definitely improve as the period rolls on. You will become possessive and would like to spend on luxurious items. Family members’ attitude will be very cordial towards you. Business trips are quite possible.

Cancer (কর্কট:) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mercury’.

You will have tremendous power and energy to carry out what you want, in a beautiful manner. Your actions will be commanding, and you will command much respect. Your confidence will be par excellence. Your social circle will also widen. Short distance travel will be rewarding. You will like to do something for the betterment of your family. If married, marital happiness will be there. You will get on very well with your partners/associates. You might get support of an elderly person. Minor health ailment could also be possible.

Leo (সিংহ) :Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Moon’.

You will enjoy respect and honour from learned people. Your fame will increase. Contact with foreigners will be fruitful. But this time is not a good period for financial gains. Family members will create tension. Dispute over small issues is possible. Don’t use harsh words of speech otherwise you will be in trouble. You may have to depend on undesirable people. There is danger of loss of money either in business or due to theft. Take care of your health.

Virgo (কন্যা) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Sun’.

You will spend money on luxuries and comforts. Conjugal happiness of high order will be there. It would be better to do all this within limitations, otherwise instead of enjoying you may run into trouble. A minor health ailment could disturb your peace of mind. Be slow in love affairs. Your opponents and adversaries will try to do harm. You will tend to feel unconcerned but are advised to do so. Financially this is not a bad period but expenses should be checked. Family member’s health may cause some anxiety.

Libra (তুলা) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mercury’.

You might face difficulties even in getting the routine flow of money. An investment should not be done without going into the practical details of the work. Family atmosphere will be any how tense. Your family members will differ with you at certain occasions. You may develop some eye problems in this period. General state of health will not be okay. Your enemies will try to harm you. A sense of insecurity will prevail as far as home affairs are concerned.

Scorpio (বৃশ্চিক) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Mars’.

You will come into close contact with the head of some institutions. You will develop philanthropic trends towards others. You might get some recognition of your inventive works. On the whole, your reputation and respect will be definitely increased. You will be highly esteemed. Travel will be of great significance. Your religious inclination will be intense. Family life shall be full of pleasure. Some auspicious ceremonies may be celebrated in your family. Try to make best use of this phase.

Sagittarius (ধনু) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Jupiter’.

During this period, you will be full of zeal and enthusiasm. Short distance travels shall be comfortable, as well as rewarding. Family happiness will be there and your brothers or sisters will be quite comfortable. You will take decisions at the spur of the moment and they will turn out to be appropriate. You are likely to acquire a conveyance in this period. Your contacts with people will increase. Service condition will also improve. By the grace of the good luck, things will start coming your way.

Capricorn (মকর) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Saturn’.

During this period, your confidence will make you invincible. You will also command much regard and respect. An auspicious ceremony in the family is likely to take place. This is a very good period for love and romance. You will take the right decision at the spur of the moment. Due to your intelligence, profits in the business or trade etc. will be much more. Your social circle will be extended. There is a likely hood of getting involved in religious activities. Your friends and well wishers shall also assist you.

Aquarius (কুম্ভ) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘ Saturn’.

During this period, you will develop well in commercial instincts. You will be practical discriminative and critical. You will work very methodically. You will be quite comfortable and general happiness will be there. Your action oriented approach will pay you in a big way. Family atmosphere will be harmonious. You will enjoy good time with your parents. You will be inclined to spend on luxuries. Communication will also bring good news for you. An auspicious ceremony could also be celebrated.

Pisces (মীন): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Venus’.

Due to unsuccessful attempts, mental anguish will aggravate. Displeasure of superiors/ bosses will be quite evident. Family atmosphere will also not be cordial. Travels could be troublesome. You may not be able to cope well with your parents. Don’t adopt undesirable means for quick monetary gains. Working /service conditions shall not be satisfactory. Quarrel with friends or colleagues are possible, health hazards would be there. It’s better to be methodically inclined to your approach. There could be danger of accident/ mishap. Try to build your confidence to cope with awkward situations which will come in this period.

NOTE: This is the general overview, forecast being based on the study of the movement of planets throughout the month. The implications are different in each individual in accordance with the position of different planets emanating varied energy as per an individual horoscope.

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