Forecast for September 2018 (as per traditional Vedic Astrology)

Forecast for Sept 2018

Aries (মেষ) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Rahu’.

This is not a good period for financial gains. Family members will create tension. Dispute over small issues is possible. Don’t use harsh words or speech otherwise you will be in trouble. You may have to depend on undesirable people. There is a danger of loss of money either in business or due to theft. Take care of your health. You might receive a very bad new through communication. This period is going to be problematic.

Taurus (বৃষ): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mars’.

This is a very good period. You will look forward to life with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm during this time. At the same time you will be bold and courageous but violent in temper. You will be comfortable and may spend on luxurious items. Your relationship with parents will be very cordial. This period is unfavorable for love and romance. Contemplation may cause losses hence it must be avoided. There might be a possibility of sudden travel.

Gemini (মিথুন) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Jupiter’.

During this period you will be attached and fascinated by the opposite sex. Unexpected favourable events are likely to take place in this period. Besides, you will enjoy good social esteem and prosperity. Family life will be extremely happy. Your long cherished hopes and desires will materialize. Your social circle will be on the increase and meeting with old friends is quite possible. You might receive a very good piece of news through communication.

Cancer (কর্কট:) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Saturn’. .

During this period your confidence will be par excellence. You will be fearless and fond of struggle and strife. By dint of labor and hard work, business trade prospects will be on positive side. Your relationship with seniors will be very cordial and at the same time your business circle will increase. An expected journey shall bring infinite results. Family life will be very happy. There are chances of a rise in income.

Leo (সিংহ) :Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Sun’.

You are likely to be involved in noble deeds. During this period you will be extremely happy and some auspicious ceremony could also take place in your family. Your income will increase and your contact with senior authorities will improve. By dint of your skill, you would be able to handle even adverse situation. Family happiness is assured for you. You may be interested in philosophy. An absolutely perfect state of mind is also guaranteed in this period.

Virgo (কন্যা) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Mercury’.

You will have a strong desire to do things in a methodical manner. Your confidence will be par excellence. You will definitely get encouraging results as far as your job, business etc. are concerned. There are chances of venturing in new enterprises, profession etc. Inflow of income shall be quite normal. Family atmosphere will be very good. Your social circle shall widen. Short distance travel will prove beneficial. You might also receive very good news through communication.

Libra (তুলা) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Ketu’.

During this period, you will develop well ingrained commercial instincts. You will be practical, discriminative and critical. You will work very methodically. You will be quite comfortable and general happiness will be there. Your action oriented approach will pay you in a big way. Family atmosphere will be harmonious. You will enjoy good relationship with your parents. You will be inclined to spend on luxuries.

Scorpio (বৃশ্চিক) : Native will be under the influence of planets, ‘Moon’.

Your hard work and labor will give dividends. Short distance travels will be fruitful. Good news from abroad or far off place is possible. Your brothers and sisters will also assist you. Your contact with new people will also increase by dint of good luck. Results will start coming your way. Meeting with old friends is also indicated. If you are involved in publication encouraging results will be there. You will possess a natural gift for emotional action.

Sagittarius (ধনু) : Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Jupiter’.

During this period, clarity of thought will be missing. At times you will be totally confused about what to do. General happiness will not be there. Family atmosphere will also be somewhat disturbing. Dispute over small issues are possible. Your business will go through a lean phase during this period. If employed, working conditions will not be satisfactory. Family members’ ill health may be the cause of anxiety. You might make journey to sacred places.

Capricorn (মকর) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mars’.

You will not carry your pursuits intelligently. You will be full of optimism during this period. You will be benefitted through news coming in some form of communication. Sudden travel will also bring good luck for you. There will be increase in income. If you are heading for promotion then this will come your way. Your mind will also bend towards spiritualism. This is a lucky period indeed for you.

Aquarius (কুম্ভ) :Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Saturn’.

This period will make you comfortable. There will be a rise in status as well as a rise in your income. Family life shall be very happy. You might enter into profitable deals. There will be some sort of get together in your family. Success in attempts will be there. Your subordinates shall extend their full support towards you. Travel will also bring good news for you. Overall this period will be very pleasant.

Pisces (মীন): Native will be under the influence of the planet, ‘Mercury’.
During this period, you will have mixed results. Try to curb the tendency of being overenthusiastic about the results because things may not turn out according to your wishes. Minor health ailment or minor accident is indicated. This is not a favourable time for speculation or taking risks. Social disputes may disturb your peace of mind. Do not be rash while driving.

NOTE: This is the general overview, forecast being based on the study of the movement of planets throughout the month. The implications are different in each individual in accordance with the position of different planets emanating varied energy as per an individual horoscope.

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