High self esteem leads to positive attitude, self motivation and accepting responsibilities

Premises: Positive thinking only comes when one has confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. One,  who thinks that he can achieve the things, will put his best to achieve, will not get distracted by the problems in the path of success and one day he/she will win positively. Every small or big, low or high,   easy or complex problem has its solution. There is a way out of every labyrinth and there is answer to every enigma. The only requirements are the confidence, hard work and determination.

Battle of life: Life is a battle; one has to fight it fearlessly. Fight with confidence, positive attitude and right aptitude, with determined and concentrated efforts, leads to surest path of success. Fortune is said to favour the brave. So if a problem is knocking at your door, don’t lose hope or get puzzled, instead go ahead and devote yourself fully, analyze each aspect and get the problem solved. Every invention taken place so far was riddled with many unfound answers but the inventors’ zeal and perseverance found the solution and a new invention took place. It’s true that for a confident person, the word impossible really means “I am possible”

Confidence is the key: A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. One, who constantly tries to achieve something, must be the winner later or sooner, but a quitter could never be a winner. Confidence is the most important key to success. It boosts the moral and creates self determination to attain a goal. The loss of confidence makes a man pessimist, coward and mentally dead.

Conclusion: Our biggest asset is our enthusiasm that enriches with our positive thinking.  So, never to      lose hope and always to be cheerful. We must put the best foot forward with total involvement and are sure to win. Through positive thinking one can overcome the mountains. One who always thinks positively even in adverse circumstances wins. Positive thinking always pays. Life belongs to the high self esteemed people not to the coward one.

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