If you are brave enough to say Goodbye, Life will reward you with a new hello

Premise: For the people who are living at present have given much importance to   contemporary times. For them life has value only if it gives them the best opportunity for self-reliance, self-development and happy living. Whatever may have been the state of affairs of world in the past or whatever there might be in the future, it is the present condition of the society that matters to them most. Life has become so fast and so mechanical that they don’t have the time to think of adapting necessary changes saying goodbye to certain things, which might be difficult initially as they have been habituated with those, and accepting some new ones for the future betterment of the society and the world at large. But, if they think for the development of the society, they must be flexible enough to the changes.

Development of the thought: Present is in actual fact the sum of historical knowledge, achievement and accumulation of the past, but certainly not a replica of the past but a changed one. A community or a nation without the knowledge of the past would be a chaotic one, devoid of civilization. Thus the seeds of the present lie in the past and similarly the fruits of  tomorrow lie in the seeds of today. So it is imperative that we sow a good seed today to reap a better crop tomorrow. To sow a good seed we might have to throw several bad ones collected from the past and then only the golden harvest of future will greet us.

Forget the past, Welcome the future: We cannot help being indebted and indissolubly bound to preceding ages, our achievements from the past should be    nourished properly for getting our hopes successful in future. Our destiny will be   advanced as we work to carry forward the civilization with us and around us. But at the same time we should be flexible enough to changes, to forget any unpleasant, undesirable or harmful social rules, prejudice or any things of the past that would hinder progress, and to welcome the new promising things for future development. So, at least for the sake of the society we must break the shack of the past and fly into the future.

Conclusion: The development of man is not caused by arbitrary motion, it moves  in a regular and consistent plan. Each part is unfolded in due order, the whole expanding like a single plant. More and more steadily when we see each age working out the gifts of the last and transmitting its labour to the next, more and more certain in our sense of being strong, only then we can wisely use the materials of the past and follow the track paved by the previous effects of mankind, not blindly but judiciously, along with acceptance of the new materials, new changes, to construct a more advanced future era.

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