Improvement Can Only Be Brought By Changes, Which May Be Little Painful Initially.

Premises: In this dynamic world, nothing seems to be static. In nature, we see birth, maturity and decay. Seasons, months and years change. In fact our very life would not be possible without this all prevailing changes or motion. History of mankind is also a history of infinite change.

Change and improvement: Change is the very soul of creation and this change is necessary to make life joyous and attractive and for its advancement. But sometimes we hesitate or avoid to take the leap in the fear of being fallen. It’s true that, to accept a change initially we might come out of our comfort zone, but once we can adapt the change, we develop. Matter and mind are equally subject to   this universal law of change for improvement. In the social world too, the same rule is applied. Every era, every age has its own customs and codes of morality.  With passage of time, society progresses and many refinements take place. It is inevitable and men must accept it gracefully.

Cycle for improvement: The process of change is marked by three distinct phases. At first, there is the birth of a new idea due to the unrest that precedes it.Next comes its growth period when it unfolds itself, gradually blossoms to replace the old idea completely. And finally, a time comes, when it begins to decline making path for a new one to replace it. So in other order, the seeds of improvement lies in the past fall off.

Conclusion: Nothing remains constant, no matter how big, how gigantic it had been, it always changes. So, we don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great.

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