In this world no one is useless; it’s just that, they have not positioned themselves at right place.

Premise: To achieve our goals and get success, we must choose our right field and to believe and trust in our own abilities. Dedication, devotion to the task and to use the right opportunity, have been the important factors of success for every successful man. Once an opportunity is missed be ready to pay the price for it, because nothing that comes too easily is worth having.

Opportunity knocks but once: Most people fail in life because they don’t trust on their own abilities and / or don’t know where they are best suited. They listen to the pessimistic opinions of their family members and friends and accordingly make many resolutions but end up in nowhere. That should be strictly avoided and instead they should let their imaginations in their right fields, soar high to the blue sky. Some dreams may take some little time while the others may take really long time but it’s all the same, because ultimately the dreams will come true only if we never give up.

Failure is better teacher than success:  Self determination and devotion towards one’s passion are the two most basic elements for one to move forward in any sphere of life.  All the renowned persons of today had to face failures at some point of their lives but they became famous in their respective fields because they never lost faith in themselves and never let go of their dreams even in the time of adversities. They were never stopped by the initial failures, rather with the experience gained from the failures they hit back strongly to move forward.

Conclusion: To sum up, everything is predetermined by the Almighty. We just have to wait and take the leap in the right time. To make ourselves successful we should listen to our own hearts, should have trust and respects in ourselves. Then only we can find and utilize all the tools and resources already gifted by God to help ourselves to be successful in life.

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