Only two categories of people are happy in life, the mad and the child……..

Premise: Positive thinking leads a man to success. One who passionately thinks that he can achieve the thing, will put his best, will not be fettered by the problems in the path of the success and one day he will win positively. Self confidence, determination, perseverance, and hard work are the keys to success and one should be happy about his achievements.

Be Mad to achieve the goal: Every problem, small or big, easy or hard, has its solution; where there is a will there is a way. If any problem is bothering you, don’t lose hope, instead go ahead and fight with full devotion. Every invention taken place so far would have been jeopardized with many untold answers, but it’s the inventor’s zeal and endurance and passion that had found the solution to make his invention real and successful. A determined and dedicated person never loses hope because the word ‘impossible’ is not there in his dictionary. So, be madly passionate to reach your goal.

Be simple as child to enjoy your achievements: If we keep a bag of cash and a toy in front of a child he will always choose the toy, because to him, toy is more important than money, and he remains happy with that toy, he enjoys this small achievement. Like a child, learn to be contented and happy with whatever simple things you can achieve. Each small achievement in the path of your goal will take you closer and closer towards your success.

Avoid complexity of thoughts: To keep yourself happy, be clear, simple and transparent. A child and a mad are always happy because they cannot think complexly. His happiness is perpetual who can train his mind not to be burdened with all the complexities, even staying in the midst of several problems of life which are unavoidable. Happy and free mind is an important prerequisite to do your best in any field of your life.

Conclusions: The nature around us always follows a balanced approach. We should also do the same thing. The best way to maintain the balance of life is to enjoy the achievements, whatever small it is, slowly day by day, so that their values get never fade away and you never get depressed with any setbacks in between. It is not easy to be successful, but its lot more difficult to maintain it. That’s life, enjoy the ride.

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