Our hopes and dreams should be like our hairs and nails. No matter how many times they get cut but they never stop growing.

We regularly go for hair cut or regularly cut our nails to make us look tidy or smart as we are aware that they will again grow within a few days. But if one day we find that they are not growing after a cut how would we feel? Will we just sit idle or do something so that we can come out of this problem? For most of us the answer is the second one. If we are so concerned with our hairs and nails, then why not with our dreams and hopes? They also grow within us just like our hairs and nails. When after a haircut we are confident that it will grow once again then why don’t we think the same with our dreams and lose hope?

Where the problem lies

The root of this problem is our beliefs which control our thoughts. We are aware about the hairs or nails growing again after a cut as we have seen it and learnt about it from childhood and this makes us so confident in this matter. But in the case of our dreams we have got very few examples before us to show the courageous path and make us confident. We have always seen our ancestors compromising with their dreams to live a secured settled life just concerned with themselves or with their family. Sometimes our dreams get shattered and our beliefs get overruled by the false beliefs of our parents. Thus, we lose hope and kill the dreams that grow within us.

Way forward

If we are aware about our dreams and that becomes our thaught that it doesn’t matter how many times our dreams not come true or we fail, the dreams will grow within us again and again just like our hairs and nails and it is the hope which will enhance their growth, we can set examples for the generation behind us.

We should believe these words –

“Thoughts rule our dreams, we rule our thoughts”

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