Turning towards essential and moving away from the non-essential.

Premises: Being guided by the appearance may be fatal. In this world of deception and deprivation often the glittering appearance hides the foulness or wickedness. So we should judge carefully what we really want/think essential in life and wipe out the irrelevant from our life.

Parameters to be judged: Our life is guided by various parameters from birth to death, such as food, education, money, career, family and many others….. Their priorities are different for different people. We shall harvest what we plant, spiritual, or natural. We shall find out what satisfies our inner soul the most, and to achieve that peace of inner soul should be our goal, rather than following the footprints of others. The toil of years, the sweat of our brows, the struggles we make, everything counts in achieving the goal. And what could be more satisfying than reaching the goal?

We are our own pathfinders: Those who follow their own targets or goals also remain happy, cheerful and active which itself is a great reward even if the work does not bring success. Those who make other’s goal as their own become jealous, frustrated, gloomy and depressed. A glimpse of history tells us that all the successful personalities were determined and devoted fully to achieve whatever they thought or desired.

Conclusion: Fate is nothing but a creation of an idle fancy, an invention of superstitious brains. Taking right decision, at the right time, in a right manner means intelligence and putting hard work to achieve the goal or the desire of our inner soul, undaunted by the problems with the positive thinking means diligence. Thus we should draw our own line of demarcation between the essential and non-essential aspects of life and to be intelligently diligent to stick to our own goals in order to have a happy and a peaceful life.

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