We Don’t Grow When Things Are Easy, We Grow When We Face Challenges

Growth refers to a positive change in anything which brings a positive essence. Growth is universal and a never ending process. But the growth always comes after hurdles. We grow only after we face challenges. Challenges are actually opportunities to grow.

Take for an example how a baby learns to walk. Before the baby learns to walk, he/she crawls on knees, then tries to stand, then slowly tries to walk by holding some support and finally learns to walk. But this isn’t an easy task as in the meantime, he/she falls a lot of times and hurts himself/herself, but that doesn’t prevent his/her desire to learn to walk, and finally the baby walks. This is the best example which every one of us comes through at a point of time, how to overcome the challenges for our growth, but in times of need we forget this to get motivated.

Way forward: Challenges are there and will always be there to make us grow. If we face those challenges we will grow within ourselves, but if we don’t we will never grow. The best person to help us in any difficult situation is ourselves only. Searching for easy way out or help from others will never make us grow. When first time a bird spreads its wing in the sky and starts flying, when first time a cub protects its territory as a lion, none but they only help themselves to overcome the challenge. Similarly, human beings are passing through continuous challenges to create something or other for a better living. Challenges bring innovations and innovations bring the growth of the nation, at large. Truly said by the Missile Man of India-

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success

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